Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blizzard Buzz

Last week Eric's mom visited us to give some help with the little 'uns and even allow us to go on some dates. How's that for a pre-Valentine treat? We are so grateful! We took full advantage and went out for lunch the first day (Eric's choice) and fabric shopping the next day (uh, my was fun!). If this sashimi plate doesn't make your mouth water, I don't know what would! I didn't take a picture of the (non–mouth-watering) fabric store.
On day three, we didn't go on a date at all. That day we bundled up inside because there was a blizzard blizzarding around the entire Mid-Atlantic. We got thirty inches in a day--that's taller than two of my children! After hours of shoveling,
we caught sight of our front steps
and ventured out to climb around.
It was like a block party with everyone outside playing and shoveling in the snow. The roads even cleared up enough so that we could safely visit our Aunt Eddy, Uncle Brent, and cousin Dave (what a marvelous squash soup she made!). 
And the airport reopened the next morning, when Eric's mom flew home, ironically, to an unencumbered Salt Lake City. It turns out that she scheduled it just right, because the airport closed later that afternoon when we had ANOTHER blizzard! We didn't go outside that day:
Some sources record the total at 56 inches between the two storms--our entire community was shut down. People who were at work had to stay at work, and people who were home had to stay home. (Thankfully, Eric was at home!) There was no church, no school, no shopping, nothing. 

OK, there were some things. There was definitely sledding. The hill behind our house looks like a ski resort with all the different runs we've made. You can't really appreciate the depth of the snow in this picture because we're standing on top of the packed-down snow. When we initially stepped into it, the snow was above my waist. Jacob almost disappeared under it.
There was also plenty of reading juvenile fiction, 
playing Legos,
crafting Valentines, 
scooping (real!) snow cones,
and creating mischief.

You can't order them any better than this--hooray for snow days!