Monday, June 4, 2012

Zach, good sport of the year

On Thursday afternoon, Zach exited the school bus with something green in his hands: "It only went potty three times on the bus!" This was funny to me because I wouldn't have been pleased if something green had "only" gone potty on me three times, much less even once! Thankfully, the "it" was only a chia pet that apparently had dripped three times on the bus. Zach skipped inside, snipped his chia's "hair," and placed it in the windowsill.
The next morning I enjoyed similar happy chatter from Zach, two of his friends, and my three little boys on the kindergarten zoo trip.
 After school we rode bikes to the park, where Zach attempted to skip a ring on the play structure and missed. The poor guy fell and broke both bones in his right forearm! With a milligram of morphine in his system, though, Zach reported that his pain had reduced to "one speck."
Our neighbors and friends made Zach feel like a king. "Mom, everything in my life is lucky!" he said.
Balloons, candy, movies, pizza, meatballs and potatoes, popcorn, glow-in-the-dark glasses: sounds lucky to me! Zach said that the goodies far outweigh the pain and that he would "for sure" do it again.
His sole qualm is the no swimming constraint, but he was up for a boat ride this evening:

(We just ordered him one of those sleek waterproof cast covers, so we'll see how that works.) We're glad to have this good sport as part of the gang. Love you, Zach.
(Also, ack! We always have the kids in life jackets. We took Max's off for a moment because it was sopping wet and we were trying to dry it. Blush.)

Wrapping up preschool

Michael and I had two cooperative preschool groups this year: one with a group of five kids and one with just one other boy. Both are ending this week, and we will miss them! In the summer we will have to motivate ourselves to make our own "shape pizzas" 
 or to create some pomp and circumstance.