Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Visiting with our Nana, Sam, and the Alldredges!

We know our families love us, because they come regularly to see us here, even in the winter! We were thrilled to have Uncle Sam come for a long weekend! We got in some hockey, laser tag, and game fun. He has a heart of gold--he also spent hours pulling kids on sleds, reading to them at home, and matching a multitude of socks!
We were equally thrilled to have our Nana come visit from Russia! She was in the states to visit Eric's sister and her new granddaughter--her stop here was a complete surprise. In the few days that she was here, she "reset" our laundry to zero and helped with some substantial organizational work. We had such fun being with our Nana, including Olive Garden and Perry Mason fun!
Soon after Nana and Sam left, the kids and I drove over to Minneapolis to see our Alldredge cousins. Of course we had to check out the amazing science and children's museums (reciprocal museum benefits, we adore you!), 
and who could resist a visit to the Mall of America? I don't think Max remembers ever going on an amusement park ride before--he gasped with excitement.
The most important reason that we went, though, was to see Andrew's baptism. These two were born a few weeks apart and love to be friends and cousins. Seeing our combined nine boys jostling around on a basement floor is truly joyful!
Family, what a blessing to see you! Minneapolis, we'll miss you!