Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy and hopeful!

Spring will be here soon, and we are full of hope! In addition to seeing happy puddles of water--something we haven't seen for months!--here are a dozen things to smile at this (almost) spring: 

Taking the cutest passport photo in history!
 Biking on the trail, because it's not covered in snow!
Playing hockey on the last day of the outdoor rinks to be open
 (and with my favorite player!)
(and my favorite littles!)
Singing "Summertime, summertime!" in shorts the day the temperature rose above freezing
Having the entire pool to ourselves one morning, then having almost as much fun in the showers
Running through the zoo one frigid day and seeing the world's cutest aardvark
 and a diagram of a cow's intestines. Wisconsin!
 Asking which kid wants to crack the egg for the cookies
Making a lunar space craft at the afterschool science expeditions
 Painting with our hands and feet; or Max, painting with his belly!
 Playing "line tag" and basketball at the church gym
 Learning from my wonderful, wise kids
Thawing out on a 40-degree day! We are so grateful and happy!
This is how I feel about emerging from the coldest winter of my life:
Ha! One more, for the grandmas:


Erin said...

I enjoyed reading thru your recent posts and seeing what a real Wisconsin winter looks like! Burrr...You weathered it in style. I've always wanted to skate on an outdoor lake, but have never had the chance. Maybe I'll have to surprise you with a visit.

Fun videos of the boys in the car. Now, that wouldn't be the driver taking the videos, would it? ;)

Ali said...

I guess I've gotten out of the habit of checking blogs. But I shouldn't have! I love how you are always so positive. The boys are growing up!!! Too sweet!